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Construction and Permanent Dewatering Services

OGI Environmental (OGI) offers a full range of environmental consulting services associated with groundwater dewatering. OGI has provided consultation for both construction and permanent dewatering projects throughout the Las Vegas Valley, including numerous hotel resorts on Las Vegas Boulevard (“the Strip”) (See our client list).

Dewatering Services Las Vegas Nevada

Most people are surprised to learn that although Las Vegas is in the desert, shallow groundwater is often encountered during construction and must be addressed not only to facilitate construction of the building, but it also must be controlled throughout the life of the building. OGI professionals gather data to characterize and understand the local hydrogeology and work closely with project engineers, contractors, architects and builders to develop a sound approach for addressing shallow groundwater issues. 

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Dewatering Methods & Services Include:

  • Aquifer testing
  • Geologic/hydrogeologic interpretation
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Developing guidelines and specifications for construction dewatering
  • Developing guidelines and specifications for permanent dewatering
  • Coordinating/providing over site for system installations
  • Discharge permitting
  • Compliance sampling
  • Groundwater treatment, if necessary


Dewatering is very much a specialty contracting service. The usual mode of contracting for these services for large-scale projects is on a ‘performance’ basis. The dewatering specialty contractor is usually retained as a subcontractor by the prime contractor or the excavation contractor. The dewatering subcontractor is generally responsible for design and implementation of the work. OGI provides guidelines and specifications for the dewatering subcontractor to consider as they prepare their own design.

For permanent dewatering needs, engineers designing structures that penetrate the shallow water table aquifer face decisions regarding design for permanent management of the ground water level, including providing permanent drainage, or sealing structures to prevent water penetration. OGI provides guidelines and specifications for both options for the design engineer to consider when designing a building.

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