Environmental Sampling Services


Environmental Sampling

OGI staff has extensive experience conducting sampling of various types of media, including: soil, groundwater, surface water, soil vapor and indoor air. Environmental sampling projects are usually associated with Phase II investigations, detailed site characterization and remediation monitoring. However, OGI has also performed project specific groundwater monitoring well sampling on a number of large scale projects throughout Nevada, including contracts with utility companies that have sites with over 200 monitoring wells. OGI has also conducted surface water sampling of rivers and evaporation ponds. Soil sampling has included everything from confirmation sampling during UST removal to extensive subsurface soil sampling associated with Phase II investigations. We’ve also been involved with soil vapor surveys, indoor air sampling, sub-slab vapor sampling and shallow sub-slab soil sampling for dry cleaning operations. Types of sampling performed by OGI is summarized below.

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Soil Sampling

  • Collection of soil samples using hand auger
  • Collection of soil samples using split-spoon drive samplers
  • Collection of surface soil samples using hand sample tools
  • Collection of soil samples from fill piles using hand sample tools
  • Grab sampling and composite sampling

Groundwater/Surface Water Sampling

  • Traditional monitoring well purge and sample using mechanical pumps (i.e., RediFlo II/III Pumps, PVC Pumps, etc.)
  • Monitoring well low-Flow sampling techniques using bladder pumps and adjustable flow pumps
  • Traditional monitoring well purge and sample of low volume wells using hand bailers.
  • Passive groundwater sampling using PDB bags
  • Well gauging and LNAPL thickness gauging
  • Surface water sampling using bailers
  • Surface water sampling by emersion of laboratory containers

Soil Gas Sampling

  • Collection of soil gas samples using gas implants
  • Collection of soil gas samples using direct push techniques
  • Collection of sub-slab gas samples using vapor pins
  • Passive soil gas sampling using passive absorbent samplers
  • Remediation equipment gas sampling using Tedlar bags

Air Sampling

  • Collection of indoor air samples using Summa Cannisters
  • Collection of air samples using air sampling pumps

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